4ft Light-up


Our Light-Up 4ft freestanding letters will add that extra something special to your event and look great in photos too, our letters and numbers can be arranged to create any combination to suit your requirement!

4ft Numbers - Northamptonshire
4ft Numbers - Northamptonshire
4ft MR&MRS Letters - Kettering/Northamptonshire
4ft Numbers - Kettering/Northamptonshire
4ftLOVE Letters - Kettering/Northamptonshire

What makes us different

We can provide a lot of variety with our letters and numbers, if there is a  particular combination that you would like, we will do our best to cater to your needs.  Just ask us!  In addition we have no set hire times, and will adjust the timings to flow with your event. 

LOVE Letters
2018 Numbers
21 Numbers
20 Numbers
Evening Hire
Setup Included
All Day Hire